Quench Your Thirst 6

New months are coming by so fast it’s causing me whiplash. Time seems to be a blurry mix of days that are crawling and years that are flying. But let’s not get melancholy and look at something a bit more jolly, like the March edition of JOCKD at Thirst.

Those of you who pre-ordered will have received the two JOCKD items for March already, for 400 L$ including a couple of exclusive textures. Don’t despair if you didn’t pre-order and these pics make you really thirsty. The March edition of JOCKD will be going on sale at the full price of 600 L$ soon (usually on 12th). Even without the two exclusive textures, the Square Trunk still gives you 10 options, including two fun textures inspired by St Patrick’s Day. The bulge size is “respectable” and the fabric clings to your buttocks like a second skin.

Poses by Quite and Cordeaux

The second item in this set is a pair of briefs with sheer cutouts. It’s quasi sporty and playfully sexy without being overly provocative. Again the choice of textures is generous, even without the exclusive ones. Here a couple of neon options are included and the sheer fabric often is in a contrasting colour.

Both items are rigged for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. Sadly Thirst will no longer support the Signature Geralt body going forward. Rigging underwear items perfectly for the Geralt body is proving to be rather challenging for most, if not all creators. If you have pre-ordered the March edition of JOCKD, in the hopes of using it with your Geralt body, you will find a note card in the box explaining how you can get a refund in case that is the only body you use.

JOCKD April is up for pre-order now till 4th April and I for one am very curious about its contents already.

Items shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Stanley head , 
Erwin skin by Stray Dog and Vango Zack hair. The mesh ears are by L’etrê.

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