Skin Deep Beauty

It’s time to get SUPERficial and strip down to the bare essentials at this years Skin Fair. This fair opened on March 8th and runs till March 24th. It’s a chance for skin creators to show off their best and/or newest skins and to possibly offer an exclusive items just for the duration of the fair. I don’t want to Trump this by throwing unverified percentages at it, but let’s just say that the vast majority of the products is aimed at female avatars if you adhere to conventional gender appropriate features. If you want to do some research before you brave the lag, take a look at Skin Fair 2019 shopping guide, but I think it’s not exactly complete.

Birth, which is one of my sponsors, has an applier for Catwa mesh heads at this fair which they have named Mr Lee. If you use it on the Catwa Daniel head and use the shape and eyebrow shape that comes with it, you will see the resemblance with Bruce Lee. Personally I’ve used it on the Catwa Victor head and made my own shape and the end result doesn’t even look Asian. It does however accomplish a look that is mature yet still youthful. It’s an EXCLUSIVE for the fair, so you snooze you lose!

Skin shown on Catwa Victor mesh head and Signature Gianni mesh body. I’m using the standard rigged eyes that come with the Catwa head but with an applier from Avi Glam. The hair is by Modulus. and because I’m never all that thrilled with the work Catwa does on their ears, I got a couple of mesh ears at L’etrê, cause getting just one ear is a bit weird. Last but not least, the fancy golden briefs are from Noche.

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