Thirst Tank

Here’s just a quick heads up to let you know that Thirst has a great tank top for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake at the current round of Equal10, which runs till April 5th.

As usual Thirst doesn’t provide single colour versions. Instead, two fatpacks are available. One with solid colours and another one with prints. Personally I fell in love with the yellow/orange ombre version which has tiny dots on it.

Most of the other prints and solid colours were able to charm me as well. Each pack contains 10 texture options. The tank top is long in front and shorter at the back. With the right kind of low riding jeans, that makes for a cheeky little gap. Evidently I had to try some Thirst underwear to see it works with this tank. For some the bulge is too big and it pokes through the fabric of the tank top. The two items from JOCKD March (Square Trunk and Sheer Brief) both work fine with this tank, making it a nice lazy Sunday morning outfit.

Items shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Victor head ,
Erwin skin by Stray Dog and Modulus Bailey hair. The mesh ears are by L’etrê. Both pairs of jeans are by Legal Insanity and the sneakers are from L&B Swear.

Equal10 is a monthly event. The current round runs until April 5th. Afterwards you should see the tank top pop up at the Thirst store and of course you can already get the JOCKD March items there now.

PS: Apparently the Erwin skin can’t be bought at Stray Dog. It was a L’homme Magazine group gift a while ago. Oh well, still plenty of skins to chose from though.

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