Exmachina Davide 5.05

The updates of the Exmachina Davide full avatar have been falling from the virtual heavens in quick succession. I didn’t even get around blogging about version 5.04. When I first looked at version 5.05 however, there was something wrong with the mouth. The change log mentions that there has been a full mesh rebuild of the avatar to eliminate gaps and it looked as if they sewed shut it’s mouth in the proces. Though Halloween is far behind us (or far ahead), it made me think of the Billy character in Hocus Pocus…

So I left it for a bit, thinking that someone else would notify the creator or that perhaps they’ll notice it themselves. Sure enough, today I got a notification that I could go get a redelivery to fix the issue.

I still don’t feel super confident about applying a hair base AND a beard on the original head that is part of this avatar. It more or less worked out this time, but it still glitches every now and again, so I prefer to go for a longer hair style that doesn’t need a hair base, like Dura B&G83. The chin doesn’t look right to me without facial hair, so I applied the Bristle Beard by Birth. I clicked on “makeup” in the applier, because it gives you the option to place the beard on the layer of your choice. Layer 1 appears to be the most stable option. Don’t forget that you will need to get the Omega System Kit and install it before you will be able to use omega appliers. You’ll find that at the Exmachina store. The eyes that come with the avatar aren’t my cup of rich Earl Grey either, so I’m using mesh eyes from Avi Glam instead. The skin is one of the four standard skin tones for this body and the shape is my own work, though the package does include a shape. I wish someone would make him a nice pair of briefs that didn’t have that sideways worn semi erection going on, but that is the compromise I make for wearing something of good quality like the Thor briefs by Legal Insanity with this body.

The body also includes headless versions and it looks like the neck seam has improved from previous releases. I’m using the Catwa Victor head and Birth Benjamin skin and I remember that in previous versions the neck seam was jagged, but now it’s actually almost invisible, though of course as always windlight does play a part in this. The Omega body applier from Birth is not a perfect match for this body as there are some misaligned shadows, but the imperfections aren’t too conspicuous. It’s probably the best fitting skin for this body at the moment, apart from its original skin. The nails look gnarly, but you can correct that by choosing one of the standard nail textures from the body’s hud, after you have applied the Birth skin.
I like using 3rd party add-on mesh ears on Catwa mesh heads, like the L’Etrê basic mesh ears. You’ll find the Reach hair style at Stealthic and the eyes are the basic rigged eyes for this Catwa head with an applier from Avi Glam. The Hawaii swim trunks are by Legal Insanity.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that you get a version with a bigger bum together with the standard butt version. When I applied the Omega skin to the standard version, a part of the right leg didn’t take the skin. The big butt version however had no such issue. I’ve dropped a notecard on Exmachina, so they’ll probably fix it soon.

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