Castor Cottage – Episode 3

In the first episode of my tour of the house I named Castor Cottage we took a look at the outdoor surroundings and entered via the very spacious entrance hall. As a matter of fact, this room was so spacious it easily took up a second episode. This time I’m taking you into the cosy kitchen diner.

The Plantation Kitchen from Apple Fall looks very at home in this house. The stove and fridge are both from Apple Fall as well. There is no island with this kitchen, but the Shabby Island Kitchen from Chez Moi goes nicely with it and it includes a cook book on a stand with a bowl of eggs. Of course a kitchen in SL needs some bits and pieces to make it come to life. Let me list those to the best of my ability, till I run out of patience. Unfortunately I’m working from pictures only, as I no longer use this house because the sim owner took a break from SL.

From Apple Fall we see the Sourbread Loaf in Tin, Gourds in Vintage Bowl, Enamel Teapot and Daffodils Jug. The shelves and some of the items on them are from YS & YS. There are also some items from Dutchie, like the pot with utensils, the drying rack with plates and the cups near the coffee machine. The pendant lamp was stretched a bit, so it will look different when you see the original from Brook Hill Living. The kitchen machine is a gacha from 22769 and the coffee machine is a rare gacha item from [kunst]. That’ll have to do for this part of the room. Now let’s take a look at the dining room side.

The Theory Barley Twist Side Board houses cakes from Apple Fall and What Next. The candied apples are from Dust Bunny and for those that prefer something a bit more savoury, there’s the TA Cheese Table. The plaster candle sticks, bowl with pears and wine bottles with opener are all group gifts from Apple Fall. The golden frame originally has an abstract painting in it, named Jansen Painting and is by Fancy Decor. I swapped out the painting by a Van Gogh.

Of course the Forest Dining Set by ~BAZAR~ is the most important feature of this room. It comes with all the bits and pieces you can see on the table, the chandelier and more. Against the furthest wall you see a china cabinet by Apple Fall and to the side a slightly more worn shelf by Pew Pew with an eclectic collection of earthenware and china.

After that sumptuous dinner, those linnen napkins will need to be washed. A door leads from the kitchen straight into a laundry room. Naturally this isn’t the most generous space in the house, but it’s large enough for the laundry cabinet and washer/dryer from Roost. I found folded clothes at Fanatik and the basket with rolled up towels was a group gift at Shutter Field at some point.

For some extra authenticity you can get an ironing board at What Next. The board on the wall with the coat hangers is part of a laundry corner by Sari-Sari. I ripped out the board only because the rest was too rustic to got with all the mod cons in this house. The wall lamp is by Revival and also part of a set (with a chair).

The house is from Brook Hill Living and it’s named The Chilmark House and has a land impact of 362, so it’s not quite lightweight, nor is it for the fainthearted. You need to enjoy a home decorating project to complete this one, or alternatively of course you can just throw some stuff in it… The horror!

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