City Walks

In my previous post I already discussed the Aries Bomber Jacket by Thirst, which you currently can get at the Zodiac Event until April 10th 2019.

One of the 20 included texture options is a rather Swedish looking yellow and blue combination. In search of a matching pair of sneakers I found my way to the Versov flag store which is located on a photogenic urban Parisian sim, complete with a sexy jazz stream. I got myself a fatpack of the Versov Nardov sneakers. With it’s 20 available colours which can be applied to 4 areas of the sneakers, it was easy to make something that matches the bomber jacket. I love it when things work out this easily.

If you’ve missed the Zodiac event, you can get the bomber jacket at the Thirst flag store after the event. The outfit is shown on the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Victor head, Arthur skin by Stray Dog and Modulus Bailey hair. The mesh ears are by L’etrê. You’ll find the jeans at Riot. Perhaps you’ll need to find yourself a shoehorn somewhere, cause those jeans cling to the Belleza buttocks like nobody’s business. I’ll leave you all to ponder on that fun little detail and bid you adieu for now mes amis.

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