What’s Eating TMP 13

About a month ago we witnessed a light update of the TMP mesh bodies. They now come with bento hands and a sharp price increase from 500 to 1950 L$. Nothing new has been happening over at their store since then, as far as I can tell. I think it will be too much to hope for to see bento versions of their mesh heads pop up at the store. Nevertheless I still like taking the body out for a spin and enjoy plunking another mesh head on it for a pleasant styling exercise.

This time around I headed over to Bold & Beauty for a skin, because I recently found out that they have a TMP body applier and I rather fancy their charmingly youthful range of Catwa head appliers. For 350 L$ you get their applier for the TMP body in all the available skin tones. A Bold & Beauty applier for a Catwa head will set you back 960 L$ per skin tone. Add 5000 L$ to that for the Stanley Catwa bento mesh head, 299 L$ for L’etrê basic mesh ears, 250 L$ for the Vango Matt hair and 350 L$ for the Avi Glam Solstice eyes and you are looking at a total of 9159 L$. Designer support for TMP has been declining, especially in the underwear department, but you still get some nice older pieces like the Boxer Briefs by Noche with bulge options from flat-fronted to eye-watering. There is a slight displacement of the nipples with the Bold & Beauty skin, which is something you can easily fix by adding mesh nipples like the ones by Noche.

One of the brands that keep including a TMP size in their newest releases is Not So Bad. I rather fancy the Charly jeans with all it’s texture options for the belt and boxers. Also new is their Matys jacket, a very well made timeless item, with a bunch of texture options for the t-shirt. Unfortunately it glitches with the belt on the Charly jeans, but I recently got a new pair of ripped jeans by Invictus at the Men Only Month Event (ends on April 15th, check Invictus main store after event) and they too continue to include a TMP size for now. The shoes are the Chase sneakers by Deadwool (slightly clipping with the Charly jeans).

PS: TMP sent out the following group notice (a rarity!): ”
It looks like something big is happening! Bulldozers, cranes and construction crew have been spotted. I sense something fresh and new in the air!
PSST! “The Shops” region is going under renovation and a new era will begin! Grab your bento body update (free!) during this LAST weekend before the store goes offline for a permanent re-launch!
The legacy is just beginning!”

Eeehm, a legacy is something you leave behind after your done or dead.

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