Taking David to TMD April 2019

Where my shopping trips dedicated to the NX-Nardcotic David mesh body are concerned, a lot of times I end up going to the Men Only Monthly event. This time I thought I’d give The Men’s Department event a go. The viable clothing options for this body at the event weren’t an embarrassment of riches, but there were a couple of eye catching items that looked promising.

Take for example the leather jacket by Ascend. Okay, so the Belleza size is a tighter fit but I can’t quite make it work, so I had to go with the Signature size which is a bit loose around the neck, but it’s just so forking cool! Hey, why can’t I say “forking”? What the fork!… Yes I have been watching The Good Place.

Anywhooo, it comes with a t-shirt and tank top built-in, or you can just wear it on your bare skin. The tank top is quite long and you may have to try on several pairs of jeans or trousers before you find a pair that works with it. There are also several options for putting text on the back and adorning the jacket with patches.

We’re jumping from one fun piece of men’s attire to another with a new pair of jeans by Tori Torricelli. I felt compelled to purchase the fatpack, because it comes with some fun prints and a chain. With all the pairs of jeans available in SL, you can’t blame me for wanting something with some more bells and whistles. You’ll find that the Enzo size is the best fit for David and if you feel it makes your legs too bulky, you can play with your shape a bit to reduce them. In any case it’s always a joy to find a pair of trousers that fits snugly without having to make serious alterations to your shape. (sneakers by Semller)

If your sim isn’t quite ready for full-on spring yet (it actually started freezing again during day time where I live in rl), you’ll enjoy Etham’s new coat. I’m pairing it with cargo pants and boots from NX-Nardcotix, which are my go-to pieces if I want to keep things really easy.

Perhaps you prefer to imagine the days have gotten a bit warmer and you can get away with a hoodie. TonkTastic has a new one at TMD with options for items you can wear underneath, which you have to purchase separately. The crew neck sweater option is the only one that worked for David and I’m wearing everything in the Signature size. Unfortunately going shirtless with this hoodie is not an option for David. The hoodie comes with a small animation hud that allows you to put your hands in the pockets, which is a nice touch.

The April 2019 round of TMD ends on April 28th. Missed it? Go take a look at the main stores for the brands covered in this blog post: Ascend, Tori Torricelli, Etham and TonkTastic.

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