Quench Your Thirst @ Epiphany

I had an epiphany! No, wait, that’s not it… There is another Epiphany gacha event! Lovers of gachas probably are experiencing dampness or sudden swelling in their nether regions at this rather sizeable event. Personally I’m getting a bit hot and bothered over the Study Buddy Outfit by Thirst.

This round of Epiphany started on April 15th and the organisers are making it difficult to find the end date, but previous editions lasted 4 weeks, so this one will probably end on May 14th.
The Thirst set contains 14 commons & 2 rares and is fitted for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. The bookstrap is an exclusive you can get with points. You can collect points by turning in your unwanted doubles at the event. If you’re not a gacha fan but are really thirsty for this set, and feel the cash burn in your pocket, you can always just buy the fatpack. The shorts can be worn without the shirt and suspenders, which makes it rather inviting to head over to the Thirst main store for something like a cropped t-shirt or tank top.

Shown on Signature Gianni mesh body and head with Stray Dog “Owen” skin. This particular skin is not available at their store, but take a look at Roman if you want to try a Stray Dog skin on a the Gianni mesh head. The hair is “Haunting” by Stealthic and the mesh ears are by Mandala.

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