Giving Aesthetic A Go

There always seems to be something left in SL I haven’t tried yet. Where bodies are concerned I’ve build up a nice collection, but I hadn’t taken a proper look at the Nyramith Aesthetic body yet. It comes with its own head by default and Birth recently started created some appliers for this head, which match the body’s standard skin seamlessly.

This body definitely is for those among you that like that very ripped look. Even if you tone it down a lot, it still will be a high level fitness model.
A strong plus points is the absence of neck seam issues when you use both the head and body at the rather inviting price of 2799 L$. A minus point is the limited choice of skins. As far as body appliers go, I have only found some fantasy skins. If you want to look human, you are stuck with the standard skin. Aesthetic has two complete avatars to chose from. Enzo, which comes with light and medium skin and Smith, which gives you a dark and ebony skin option. There are three add-on packs available, each with a slightly different head and an alternative skin. These packs cost L$ 1200 each. I’m using one of those now, named Raoh. The Birth skin I’ve applied to the Raoh head is named Maverick and costs L$ 950. That brings my look to a total of L$ 4949 without hair or eyes, which is not a bad price at all.
I need to dive into my virtual wardrobe some other time to see what I already have in a suitable size for this big boy. Yay! Something to look forward to!

Check out the Aesthetic website for more information and interesting tutorial videos.

Hair: Bailey by Modulus. Eyes: Solstice mesh eyes by Avi Glam. Underwear: Fetish Brief by Dufaux.

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