I just created a Facebook account, which feels a little bit strange. On the one hand I want to extend the social media presence of my virtual persona, on the other hand I feel Facebook is for real people. One of the first conundrums is choosing a profile pictures. I change my avatar all the time and there really isn’t a look I use the most. In the end I recycled a shot I did for a collage with hunt items (in this case the tattoo was the item). To take a quote from the movie Babe: “that’ll do pig, that’ll do”. (gaawd this is so random!).

Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Stanley head , Erwin skin by Stray Dog (that particular skin isn’t in the current Stray Dog range) and Vango Zack hair. The mesh ears are by Mandala. Tattoo by Letis.

It looks like it’s no longer possible to categories a Facebook page as a “fictional character”, or maybe I just haven’t found it yet. Don’t you just hate it when help pages show you screenshots that don’t look anything like what you are seeing on your screen! Anywhooo, if you have a Facebook account with your avi, feel free to add me.

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