Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 1

I recently purchased the Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo male avatar and created a first look with it. You can read more about that in my previous blog post. Aesthetic avatars come complete with a detachable head, but they can also be combined with Catwa mesh heads. Let’s take a closer look at what this combination can look like, using the Catwa Victor head.

When you get a Catwa head, you’ll notice that among the many items in the package, there is a version of the head especially for the Aesthetic body. Because there are almost no skin creators that make appliers for both the Catwa heads and the Aesthetic body you need something to smooth out the neck seam. Luckily the Aesthetic body comes with a neck blender. It’s not perfect, but I’ve seen worse neck seam situations. This neck blender comes in a bald version, one with a dark hair base and one with a blond hair base. Using the Aesthetic Color & Alpha hud, you can tint your body and the blender to get closer to the skin tone of your head.

If you enjoy a longer hairstyle, you can go for something that covers up that gap between your head and the neck blender. Personally I’m partial to the playfully messy Dura B&G81 hair, combined with the Birth Benjamin skin on the Catwa Victor head. The beard and hair base are option that come with the Benjamin skin. The Avi Glam solstice eyes complete this rather charming look. Of course as usual I’ve created my own shape for this look. Perhaps I should start selling these, but the prospect of having to do customer service is giving me angst.

If you are a regular visitor of the various monthly male fashion events in SL, you may have noticed that there is a strong focus on items for the Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake mesh bodies. The Aesthetic body certainly is missing out on some of the cool new threads, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any swagger. There are some high quality brands making clothing for this body. One of those brands is Legal Insanity. I have noticed that the Aesthetic size often is added afterwards, sometime after their newest items were already launched for Signature and Belleza, so of course you always (ALWAYS!) need to demo first.

All clothing in these shots is by Legal Insanity. The sneakers and sandals are group gifts at Versov and there’s no joining fee at the moment. Score!

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