Taking David to TMD May 2019

Yesterday I picked up a bunch of demos from the May round of The Mens Dept and tried them all on. Today I went back to purchase my selection. The event runs till almost the end of May, so I still had plenty of time, but there’s no time like the present and procrastination is the thief of time etc. Or to quote The Doctor: “People assume that time is a strict progression from cause to effect but actually from a non linear, non subjective view point it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff.” The aim is of course to get the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body dressed.

First up are trousers by Aitui. They’re not quite sweatpants, but they do look comfy and roomy. The straps are an edgy detail and by some miracle, I personally didn’t have to adjust my shape to fit into the TMP size.

Tori Torricelli has a very nice summer outfit consisting of an open shirt with short sleeves and a pair of shorts. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the shirt work with David. Fortunately both items can be bought separately and with a bit of shape editing David can fit into the shorts, using the Enzo size.

If you’re in the mood for something more layered then Hevo has got you covered with their puffer vest and hoodie. I’m using the Gianni size and paired it with NX-Nardcotix cargo pants and boots from their store. This is the perfect outfit for wandering around on those sims that have a rustic and not quite so warm feel about them.

Equally suitable for such wanderings is the bomber jacket and sweater by Lenox. I didn’t even bother to put on another pair of trousers. The rustic rather romantic sim I found for my wandering is Borneo. The sound of seagulls and crashing waves are rather good to mellow out with on a Friday evening.

To round things up I’m switching back to lighter attire with this shirt by Etham at TMD, paired with NX-Nardcotix shorts from their store and a pair of Versov sneakers I also found at TMD. I remember that Etham at some point supported the David avatar but now I have to make do with other sizes, like in this case the TMP size.

The May 2019 round of TMD ends on May 28th. Missed it? Go take a look at the main stores for the brands covered in this blog post: AituiTori Torricelli, Hevo, LenoxEtham and Versov.

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