Dabbling with Geralt Episode XII

The previous episode of Dabbling with Geralt already dates back to March 1st. This time around I wanted to combine the Signature Geralt body with the Catwa Victor head because that’s a particular combination I hadn’t made yet.

My skin choice this time is from Stray Dog. They have a new applier for Catwa heads at this month’s Man Cave event, but I don’t think this is an exclusive for the event, so the skin should eventually show up at their store. Still, if it’s what you want, what you really really want, you better slam your body down and zigazig ha at Man Cave before June 11th. (Spice Girls lyrics? that’s so random!) This skin is named Jay and seems to be inspired by Game Of Throne’s Jaime Lannister, portrayed by Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. You can make it look more like him by using the shape and eyebrow shape that comes with the skin. Personally I prefer not to recreate the sales poster. The skin comes with its own beard option, but it has some grey hairs in it, which wasn’t what I wanted for this look, so I applied the Bristle beard from Birth. The body applier from Stray Dog is made for the Signature Gianni body, but appears to be working fine with Geralt too. The underwear is by Thirst. They stopped supporting the Signature Geralt body a couple of months ago, but if you take a look at their earlier JOCKD sets, you’ll find some nice underwear that’s rigged for Geralt.

While I was at Man Cave, I also picked up some new outfits for Geralt.

This white shirt and pair of casual red trousers is by RKKN. Truth be told, the shirt isn’t a 100% perfect fit for Geralt, as I see a bit of skin pocking through on the back and I can’t hide it with the alpha hud because that will create a visible gap. I do like how that shirt is pulled open though. Sometimes SL is about accepting minor imperfection for the benefit of other features you really appreciate.
I was particularly charmed by the shorts and sweater by Etiquettte. I think this brand is related to RKKN, or at least they share a sim. The sweater does NOT seem to have the same fitting issues as the t-shirt though, so let’s all take a moment to thank goodness for small mercies.
There might be a new pair of shoes at Man Cave that would go with both these outfits, but I got my sneakers at Native Urban.

The hair is “Reach” by Stealthic and the mesh ears are by L’etrê.

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