Thirst @ Equal10

What the organiser of the Equal10 event are aiming for time and time again is quite admirable. Offering an equal split of male, female and decor items makes this event always worth a visit.

Thirst has a pair of tiiiiiiiny sexy shorts at this event, complete with an old- school walkman. I wonder if cassettes will be making a comeback like vinyl has been doing lately. I have memories of a long hike along the beach on a school trip, during which I mostly cut myself off from the rest of the group by listening to music on my walkman, flipping the cassette each time a side had ended, cause I only brought one. But back to the Thirst shorts now: they have been rigged for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake and the hud offers 15 textures which can be individually applied to the waistband, main fabric, piping and drawstring. Such fun! Even if you’re not really into patterns, that leaves you with 10 solid colours to play with. Truth be told, I spent much more time at the beach in these shorts than at the Equal10 event. Oh well, I can still go back, as the event runs till June 5th.

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