Something new in the willy department 2

A while ago (or is that a willy ago) Birth released their first venture into the arena of male genitalia with the Mr Smooth cock. They’ve had some fun with tattoos for this appendage along the way, but now they are releasing a new model: the Zeus bento cock.

The list of bells and whistles is rather long:

  • 24 Moving bento animations [pulsing, stroking, humping, all useful when you getting it on].
  • 20 erection state poses in 4 different lengths.
  • 20 rotation poses (rotates entire cock and balls).
  • Now compatible with ‘It’s NOT Mine!’ body cum systems (
  • Lots of tattoo/ effect overlays (includes saliva and cum).
  • Glow, shiny, transparency settings.
  • Change Balls Heights
  • Cum, pee, dripping pre.
  • Tones 01-06 match tones of Birth skins and more
  • Position poses to perfectly align cock to body.
  • Invisible on teleport.

The Zeus bento cock is available at the Kinky event from May 28th till June 22th and at the Birth main store after that. It’s shown here on the Signature Gianni body with a Birth skin applier for this body which of course matches the cock effortlessly. Let the shenanigans commence!

2 thoughts on “Something new in the willy department 2

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  1. Thanks for heads up, went and go it. Love it. SO much easier to use than Aeros, which has besides looking dated, has gotten so bloated that it needs a 24 page manual. This one was really easy to fit and figure out within about 3 minutes of trying. Super user friendly, help floats over top HUD and can be turned off when you no longer need it, also the text easily enlarges to help tired eyes when needed. Love the way the HUD helps you place the dick exactly in the right spot on your body. This is just really great, so glad you covered it and brought it to our attention. Aeros can go in the memory box now along with my first Xcite!


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