Exmachina Davide 6.0

Exmachina keep tinkering with their Davide avatar and they have recently launched version 6.0. The hud has been revamped and the body is now compatible with bake-on-mesh. The standard SL viewer and Firestorm are not ready yet to use bake-on-mesh, so if you want to know what a system skin looks like on this avatar, you will have to download the alternate bake-on-mesh viewer. You can find this in the list of alternate viewers on the SL site.

I couldn’t be bothered to try this myself, but I did get a new skin from Exmachina. It’s named Sasha, it’s priced L$500 and looks better than the standard skin in my opinion. When I was at the Exmachina store both the Davide full avatar (the one with its own head) and the body-only version (yup, that’ll be the headless one) were discounted 50%, which brings the prices to L$1400 and L$600 respectively. Underwear options for this body are still severely limited. I found these simple briefs by Boycott in Marketplace and I guess they’ll have to do for now. The original eyes that come with this avatar left me underwhelmed, so I popped in Avi-Glam mesh eyes instead. For hair I went with something by Dura that frames the face nicely.

There aren’t many clothing brands officially supporting this body yet. Legal Insanity has been gradually including an Exmachina size, but not for everything. These baggy pants and sleeveless t-shirt are a little sample of what’s available for Davide at Legal Insanity. The sneakers I’m wearing with this are from a gacha set at Semller and they only work with long trousers and your feet blanked out.

These (short!) jeans shorts are also by Legal Insanity, combined with a tank top by R3volt and sneakers by Versov (wearing the unrigged version).

That’s it for my closer look at version 6.0 of the Exmachina Davide avatar. I might have another look at combining the headless version with a mesh head sooner or later. I wonder if by the time I get round to that, there will already be a version 6.1.

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