Taking David to TMD June 2019

It’s high time for my monthly outing with the NX-Nardcotix David avatar and what better place to find him some new threads than the June round of The Mens Dept. It only just started, so it was absolutely bustling when I went over. Ah the joy of shoppers that insist on wearing their laggiest outfits to visit this kind of event. One has to admire the foolhardy perseverance. If you like any of the items from this event, keep in mind that it ends on June 30th and after that you’ll have to go look at the main stores for the respective brands.

First outfit: bomber jacket by Minimal at TMD, paired with the Finlay cargos and Gideon boots, both from NX-Nardcotix.

Outfit No. 2: hoodie by Gabriel and a pair of trousers from Meva, both at TMD. The hoodie includes a plain version and one with a print. I’m using the Signature size for both these items . You also get a tank top with the hoodie, which can work for David if you reduce your muscles and flatten your chest. You’ll probably find that the Meva trousers require some shape adjustments too but all in all it shouldn’t be too much hassle. The boots are available from Meva’s main store.

Outfit No. 3: Check suit by L&B at TMD and shoes from L&B’s main store. I’m wearing the Gianni size, but it probably doesn’t matter much which one you use, as most of your body is hidden. Just try them all and see which has the nicest fit depending on your personal taste and fiddle with the shape a bit to improve the fit even more if needed.

Right! That’s three outfits out of the way, not let’s take a closer look at the face.

It’s a new skin by Birth, named Drogo, inspired by the Game Of Thrones character by the same name. This skin is currently available at the Last Winter event. I have no idea how much longer the event will last at this point, but the skin should eventually show up at the Birth store afterwards. You can achieve a stronger Drogo look by using the shape and make-up that comes with the skin and getting yourself a goatee, but I went for a more every-day look. It’s shown on the Catwa Stanley head, with Modulus Bailey hair, Avi-Glam Solstice eyes and L’etrê Basic mesh ears. The Birth Omega body applier is a pretty good fit for David and comes complete with several manscaping option, including baby smooth. Last but not least, you can get the underwear at NX-Nardcotix.

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