Just a summer look

My post-work walk last night was somewhat confusing. The weather was sunny and rather mild, people were having dinner al fresco and for a split second it felt like I was on holiday, except that it was an ordinary Monday evening. Today the weather wasn’t really inviting so I cut my wandering short and got home a little earlier, ideal to work on a simple summer look for my avi.

I chose the Carlos skin by Birth, on the Catwa Victor head and Signature Gianni body. The hairstyle is Adrian by Modulus and the eyes are an applier by Avi-Glam on the rigged mesh eyes that come with the Catwa Victor head. I don’t know why head creators don’t do a better job with the ears and I often find myself sticking on another pair, like in this case the basic mesh ears by L’etrê. The oufit was kept to a minimum, without being too naked. Both the Armani mesh crop tank and Andrew shorts are by Noche and the Kurtov sneakers are by Versov.

Now I’m off to bed to go dream of oh, those summer ni-iiiiiights. Tell more, tell me more…

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