Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 2

For those of you that favour a very muscular ripped physique, the Niramyth Aesthetic body probably hits the spot. It’s sold together with its own head for the reasonable price of L$ 2799. If you want a particularly pale skin, you’ll have to cough up another L$ 1200 for an extra skin pack. I’ve shown those paler options in previous blog posts.

This time I’m using the Enzo head with the standard Light skin tone, which I tinted to make it look warmer and less blueish. Birth has appliers for the Aesthetic mesh heads which match the basic body skin tone perfectly. The skin I’m showing on the face this time is named Blaze and personally I particularly like the luscious lips and optional stubble. This skin costs L$ 950. The eyes I have used are by Avi-Glam and the hair is Hysteria by Stealthic. The body does come with a pair of simple white boxer briefs, but if you want something a little bit more interesting, you should check out the Akina Brief at Dufaux.

If you’re in the market for a nice casual suit with (or without) a t-shirt, I can recommend Swear – Lapointe & Bastchild. The Blazer and slacks are sold separately and both include a size for the Aesthetic body. The Oxford dress shoes are also from L&B. These don’t come in an Aesthetic size, but you can take of your feet with this outfit anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. L&B recently released a new suit and it’s disappointing to see that it doesn’t include an Aesthetic size, but maybe they’ll issue an update at some point. We shall keep our strong manly fingers crossed.

That’s it for this episode of Pleasing Aesthetic. I hope you found it pleasantly pleasing in a pleasurable way. The pleasure was all mine.

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