Something New In The Willy Department 3

I call this something new, mostly because it is new for me. I hadn’t noticed that Birth actually has three penises in their range and I have only shown two. Time to start flashing!

‘Leviathon’ is an animated bento cock by Birth with a nice veiny shaft and uneven balls for added realism. While the Aeros cocks probably are still dominating the game, I personally think Birth is going strong with their range of male appendages. You get a full range of sizes going from small(ish) to huge (does a spontaneous Trump expression: ‘UGE!’) and some really nice animations like a slow progression from limb to fully erect. The pubes are a separate add on in the box, so you can easily change it’s position if necessary.

Some information from the note card… This cock actually moves and animates, can make it throb and pulse stand alone, or activate during animations such as sex, blow/ handjob to simulate motions !!

  • 24 Moving bento animations [pulsing, stroking, humping, all useful when you getting it on].
  • 20 erection state poses in 4 different lengths.
  • (180 degree angles).
  • 20 rotation poses (rotates entire cock and balls).
  • Now compatible with ‘It’s NOT Mine!’ body cum systems.
  • Lots of tattoo/ effect overlays (includes saliva and cum).
  • Glow, shiny, transparency settings.
  • Change Balls Heights
  • Cum, pee, dripping pre.
  • Tones 01-06 match tones of Birth skins and more
  • Position poses to perfectly align cock to body.
  • Invisible on teleport
  • Restore Default Settings
  • Free updates!

If you like showing off, I recommend the aptly named Show-Off Shorts by Thirst. You do get a jock with this, but in this case I obviously had to let it all hang out.

Shown with Carlos skin by Birth, on the Catwa Victor head and Signature Gianni body. The hairstyle is Bailey by Modulus and the mesh ears are by L’etrê.  Image shot on the Fancy Decor Platform Bed.

Right! Now I’m going to tuck it away before I take someone’s eye out with it. Cheerio!

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