Akeruka Group Gift Mesh Head Summer 2019

Mesh head creator Akeruka is celebrating their long-lived presence in Second Life with yet another group gift mesh head. They started with giving away a female head earlier this month and now it’s the guys’ turn to rejoice! The group joining fee is only L$ 150 and you pay one “symbolic” Linden dollar for this new head. You’ve got till July 6th to get your ass over there!

The new Akeruka head is named Clay and has a strong manly face with a good response to the shape sliders. The shape that I’m wearing is something I recycled from a look with the Akeruka Leon head with some modifications, but of course the head comes with it’s own shape and eyebrow shape. The skin is the standard No. 4 skin tone that comes with the head. There are 6 skin tones to chose from and matching body appliers for the Signature Gianni, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies are included. You’ll find various add-ons (freckles, scars, tattoos, beards, brows, hair bases, and eyeliner) in the hud and the head comes with it’s own set of eyes, that aren’t too bad once you’ve figure out how to switch off the full bright setting. I guess if you go for one of the included cat eye textures, it would make sense that they light up in the dark.
The neck seam isn’t great with the original skin. I tried it on the Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake body and in both cases it was quite visible, especially on the back of the neck, as usual. Also as usual, it much depends on the windlight you’re in. When it comes to the subject of the neck seam, I sound like a forking broken record. Perhaps results will be better with other skins and/or bodies. Time and testing will tell. Apart from that, this is not a bad effort from Akeruka, not bad at all! #hellogorgeous

Shown with the Signature Gianni mesh body, Elliot hair by Modulus and Summer Vibe Speedos which is part of the JOCKD set for June @ Thirst.

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