Man Cave Anniversary Gifts

Time to whip out your party trumpet and give it a blow cause Man Cave is celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary. Many creators are helping to get us in the celebration mood with gifts. All you need to collect these gifts is a Man Cave group membership, which is free. The party ends on July 11th, so you best not dilly dally and get your ass over there now.

I’ve cherry picked my way through the gifts and these shorts by Matova are easily one of my favourite items. The tattoo by Identity is rather interesting too and the hand amulet by Tori Torricelli is very well crafted. I could have gone barefoot on the beach in these shorts, but for some rougher terrain the camouflage sneakers by Gabriel are a good choice. I squeezed another gift in this shot by using a bento pose by Wrong.

If you want to try something colourful, the Dura hairstyle might scratch your itch. You can make your look even more edgy with a face/neck tattoo by Speakeasy. For those that appreciate that kind of slightly kinky thing, there’s the harness by Midna.

This is just a small sample of the gifts at Man Cave, all shown on the Belleza Jake mesh body and Lelutka Andrea mesh head with Clef De Peau ‘Clint’ skin (you can purchase this skin at Lelutka). The red hairstyle in the first shot is ‘Narcotic’ by Stealthic. For the shot with the harness I shoehorned my ass into the Wade denims by Riot.

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