Akeruka Group Gift Mesh Head Summer 2019 – 2

Mesh head creator Akeruka is celebrating their Second Life anniversary with a group gift mesh head named Clay. I already took a look at it on the Signature Gianni body with the head’s original skin. Today I’ve put together a look with another skin and body. Don’t dilly dally and head over to Akeruka NOW, cause this gift expires on July 6th! If you’re not a group member yet, the joining fee is a mere L$ 150 and then you pay one “symbolic” Linden dollar to grab the head.

To start of with a bit of nagging, I’m going to point out that yet again the neck seam is far from perfect with this combination. Right, that’s out of the way, now on to the positives! I’m using the Akeruka Clay head with the Belleza Jake body and Stray Dog Jonatas skin. This skin was created when Akeruka released the first male Deluxe mesh head ‘Leon’, but it works equally well with Clay. I applied the browless version, so I could apply the Real Brows by Identity to match my hair colour, which is the vibrant red of the Zack hair style by Vango. Then I wanted something on my chinny chin chin and went for the tintable Luigi facial hair by Mister Razzor. Keep in mind that you need to get the Omega relay for Akeruka heads to apply the brows and beard. You can find that at the store. They call it the Omega System Kit.
The original eyes that come with this head aren’t bad, but they are not Omega and I really wanted something different from the standard eye textures, so I popped in Avi-Glam Solstice Eyes, which probably have been my favourite for a while now.
As the devil is in the details, I added the Noche nipples and named them pinky and perky, but who’s who though… or was that what I call my balls? I’ll leave you to ponder that philosophical question.

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