Getting some Ink for David

David was banging on the door, eager to get out of the closet and begging for something new. I’m of course talking about the delectable NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. So I headed over to Men Only Monthly, figuring that the lag wouldn’t be too bad as it’s been on for over a week now.

The current round of MOM (runs till July 15th) has a lot of tattoos. Seriously, it’s lousy with it. There are more tattoos than you can shake a conservative fist at. In the spirit of “if you can’t beat them, join them”, I got the Eagle tattoo by Carol G.

The undies are of course NX-Nardcotix‘s own (come with a tank top), the head is ‘Stanley’ by Catwa and the skin I’m using is ‘Drogo’ by Birth. It includes that slashed eyebrow and several facial hair options. For the body there is a matching Omega applier from Birth. I went with a trimmed hairy look this time, but you can leave the skin baby smooth if that’s your preference. I’ve popped on mesh ears by L’etrê and the ‘Bailey’ hair by Modulus to complete the look.

Then I headed over to Man Cave. At the current round of this event you’ll find a nice pair of trousers and a jeans jacket which you can wear with or without a t-shirt by RKKN. I had to do some shape editing to make the trousers wearable without a shirt, but nothing too major. The sneakers are currently a gift at Man Cave till this round ends on July 11th. The event is overflowing with gifts this time because it’s celebrating its two year anniversary.

And with a nice pair of comfortable walking sneakers like that, all what’s left for me to do now is say auf wiedersehen and march out of here into real life.

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