Akeruka Group Gift Mesh Head Summer 2019 – 3

You still have a wee bit of time to go snatch up the ‘Clay’ male Akeruka Deluxe mesh head. You need to be a group member of course, as it’s a group gift. The joining fee is only L$ 150 and the head will cost you L$ 1. This ends on July 6th, so run Forest, run!

I have already created two looks with this head. This time around I’m using a skin that is totally new too me. I’ve never looked at Vendatta before. They have two skins that are specifically made for the Akeruka head and body appliers for Belleza and Gianni as well as an Omega applier, so that opens up some combination options.

Here you see the Akeruka Clay head combined with the Belleza Jake body and the aforementioned Vendetta Roman skin in tone #5. It’s the usual story with the neck seam: sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. Que sera sera. To mix things up, I used some of the head’s own built-in optional features, such as a lightly applied eyeliner and a smattering of beauty marks. My Hair is ‘Like Lust’ by Stealthic (without the sides) and I’ve used the Stealthic hair base as well. Of course you get eyes with this head, but I’ve used the Avi-Glam Solstice Eyes to give me more texture options. The nipples on the Vendetta skin are somewhat vague, so I’ve put on the Noche nipples for a much sharper effect… I can cut glass with these.

Like my fancy pants? They’re the “Graphic Set” by Noche and were very recently added to their range. Noche really went all out with the patterns this time and because some of them are food based, they’re making me feel somewhat peckish. Can you blame me?

That’s it for looks with the Akeruka Clay head while it’s still free, but I’m sure it will pop up in my blog again once it’s being sold at the usual full price. There are still several combinations to be made.

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