Mad Last Minute Dash to the SL16B Shopping Event

I’m sure there has been lots of things to celebrate SL’s 16th birthday and I’m also sure I’ve missed all of them. That’s fine though. My main reason for being in Second Life is all the fun I have putting all those different looks together. I don’t really suffer from FOMO. However, I should at the very least check out the official SL16B Shopping Event before it closes on July 8th. There are bound to be a few nice gifts and interesting discounts.

The first gift I picked up was a tasty little waffle from Hangry. It’s nice to have something to nibble on while you wade through lag, trying to get past the many many many many many participating stores that offer items for female avatars only.

Dufaux does have a presence at this event and they are offering a 40% discount on their Jordan tank top. That’s the one you can personalise with your own artwork, or you can leave it blank of course. They also have a new pair of track pants, but there’s no special offer on that, it’s just new. Altogether it makes for quite the sporty look, so the sports water bottle they’re giving away is the perfect accessory. Fox City is giving a way a whole bunch of poses, this “Thirsty” pose is one of them (I know, spooky how convenient that is, right!)

Sure I could go on some more, because I did get other gifts and I bought myself some flowers from the Apple Fall stand (all items are L$50) but right now all I want to do is spread this free blanket and floor pillows from Peaches ‘N Cream by a campfire on the beach and relax. There’s no rest for the wicked though. Remember, this event ends on July 8th.

The look was discussed in my previous blog post.

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