What’s Eating TMP 15 (Legacy)

Throwing caution to the wind I finally coughed up the L$ 5000 for the male TMP Legacy body. I really don’t like the shopping experience at The Shops, so I rushed home asap after grabbing that ass… eeehm body.

Due to some bad marketing choices and allegedly poor customer service, TMP have managed to rub a lot of people the wrong way. Partly because of that, there’s a certain type of SL citizen out their that will assassinate this body outright, without even looking at it. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, revenge is a dish best served cold and the ooh aah bird is so-called because it lays square eggs, but what has to do with the price of fish? In short: some of you aren’t making much sense, but that’s okay. You do you boo, even if that is being a bit of nagging *beeeeeeeep*

Pose by Cordeaux.

RIGHT! Personally I think the Legacy body turned out rather nicely, but it does have its technical shortcomings. For example, unless you already own the previous TMP body (now named “Classic”), you only get 12 standard skin tones in your hud, which I find disappointing compared to the 36 skin tones you get with the Classic body. There are no options within these 12 skin tones. There are no hairy skins, only smooth ones. You don’t get skins with more or less muscle definition, just one version. I sincerely hope TMP plan on expanding this, because the most expensive mesh body on the market should be offering something extra.

TMP has included a way to help you match a Catwa mesh head to the body with its standard skin tones, but I can’t speak for other heads at this point. First you need to make sure you are using the correct neck size. Click on the second or third dot to snap your neck into place. Next you choose a skin tone that is the closest to whatever skin you are using on your Catwa head. I’m using the #9 Jayden skin by Stray Dog so obviously I picked a dark skin for the body. After that I had to apply a neckfade to the body and here things became tricky, because I had 36 skin tones for the neckfade, while I only had 12 unnumbered skin tones for the body. Maybe I have all those extra neckfade swatches because I also own the Classic body and the hud seems to be sharing some of the content for that body with the Legacy body. I chose No.27, then located the matching number in the neckfade folder (filename: [27] Classic Neckfade (m) (Apply To Head)), right-clicked the file to copy the UUID and pasted that value in the hud for the Catwa head in the appropriate neck tattoo tab where it says “Apply Your Own Texture”.

The result is far from perfect, but most neck seams are imperfect anyway. Part of the problem in this particular case is the shading of the adam’s apply which is part of the Stray Dog skin. I like the TMP standard skin a lot. It all comes down to personal preference of course, but I have always appreciated the shading and detail of the skin on the old TMP body and they have carried that quality over to the Legacy body. Meanwhile I have heard that Stray Dog is working on an applier for Legacy and it will be coming out soon. The hair I’m using is Elliot by Modulus, the eyes are by Avi-Glam and the mesh ears are by L’etrê.

You also get a basic outfit with this body. The folder contains one pair of black briefs, a pair of chinos in 5 colours, a tight fitting and loose cashmere sweater both in 4 colours and a pair of Oxford shoes in 4 colours.

The Legacy body comes with something called Fit Deformers and they can be helpful when you try to wear items that haven’t been made for the body. They don’t solve all issues, but all you need to do is put on your clothes, solve some of the problem areas by using the alpha cuts and then put on the deformer. If after that you still haven’t achieved a good fit, you can play around with your shape to compensate for the remaining bits of skin poking through you clothes.

Poses by Cordeaux.

Left: Ed shirt, Broberry jeans and Chase sneakers all from Deadwool. I’m using the old TMP size for all these items. The shoes only work with the feet blanked out and the socks on.
Middle: Patch sweatpants by Dufaux, wearing the the Gianni size.
Right: Linus overall by Legal Insanity (Gianni size) and the unrigged resizable version of the Sandov sandals by Versov (group gift).

That’s it for now. I think I’ll be back soon with the Legacy body to show some underwear options and hopefully by then Stray Dog will have released their applier for it. Fingers crossed on those very well made Legacy hands!

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