Thirst @ Epiphany July 2019

Listen up all you gacha hungry people! It’s Epiphany time. Thirst has a great gacha set at the event for you happy campers. I’m not sure how long this event lasts. It started on July 15th, so maybe till the end of the month.

The “Roughing It” set has a couple of sweet rezzable items such as pup tent (rare) and sleeping bag and cute camping outfits for Signature Gianni and Beleza Jake. There’s a sexy tailored shirt and a cute pair of shorts. I’m wearing the Scout Leader version (rare). You can also get backpacks and binoculars from this set. I got myself a map to find my way out of these woods (exclusive item) … But maybe I should hang around for a bit.

Good luck with the gachas ya’ll!

PS: shoes are the Kurtov Sneakers by Versov. If you’re still feeling parched, head over to the Thirst main store for more juicy goodies. Both bodies in the shot are Belleza.

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