It’s a Cover-up 2

I noticed a peak in views of older blog posts about my Linden Homes. As the interior of my Loftroom home looks rather different these days, I thought you might be interested in an update. Fair warning: I will be skipping the details of smaller decor items.

  • The original fireplace is hidden by a wall that’s been placed at and angle with the Lisp Bazaar Mid Century Fireplace in front of it.
  • On the right you see the Famous Sofa by N4RS and on the left the Milligan Couch by Digs.
  • I’m reading by the light of the Meyer Floor Lamp from The Loft & Aria. The other sofa is lit by the Dover Lamp (gacha) placed on the Wallace Table both by Fancy Decor. The main light for this area is the Geometric Pedant Light by Apple Fall.
  • A modest coffee table leaves plenty of room for the animations in the sofas. The Concreet and Wood Coffee Table by Fancy Decor is a perfect choice and it’s a group gift.
  • To shut out some of the questionable design choices of my neighbours, I created simple screens for the windows, using Mesh Studio.
  • A plant such as the Dust Bunny Areca Palm ads a much needed green touch.

In the previous layout I had an art studio. This time I wanted more realistic functionality and turned this area into a kitchen.

You can get that onesie at Noche. It’s a group gift. Gianni and Belleza size included.
  • The wood and concreet cupboards on the left are something I’ve knocked up myself. They go all the way up to the ceiling and hide the house’s original spot rail.
  • On the right I’ve used elements from the Roost Palm View kitchen.
  • The Cement Kitchen Countertop by Saikin goes very nicely with the overall look.
  • The fridge is a group gift at KraftWork.
  • The Wire stools are a group gift at Fancy Decor.
  • The coffee maker is a rare gacha from KUNST.
  • The Tennyson fruit bowl by The Loft & Aria adds a nice splash of colour.

If you are familiar with the Loftroom house, you know it has a floating room and there is a window that shows you the outside area underneath this room. I never found the perfect idea for that space under the room, so I’ve boarded up the window and I also installed a nicer flight of stairs, cause the original is just a plank with a stair texture on it, which is a little bit too old school for my liking.

This seemed like the perfect spot for a desk.

In the loft room I blocked 2 of the three windows to give myself more walls to put furniture against.

  • Foskett bed, side tables and pendant lights – Fancy Decor
  • Modern chest (gacha) – Fancy Decor
  • Glam male wardrobe (adjusted textures) – Bazar
  • Velvet lounge chair – Soy
  • Little Glowing Boyfriend – 22769

Looking back at the previous interior, I think my choices have become slightly more sophisticated. I used 155 of the 175 available prims, so there’s a comfortable margin for an extra plant here or there, or I could even attempt to move up the wardrobe, leave an opening and install a shower behind it. Walls can’t be taken out, but you can add some. To help you with that, you can get the texture pack for your Linden Home at an infohub. I’m not sure if you still can get a Linden Home in the Meadowbrook style or if everybody who goes looking for a Linden Home at this point is diverted to the new house options by default, which seem to be hard to come by. I hope this was somewhat inspirational and I’m wishing you all good luck with creating your own space in Sl.

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