Quench Your Thirst 14

It’s high time to take a look at this month’s edition of the JOCKD underwear set @ Thirst. As always it consists of two items and I’ll be showing one just now and very likely another one soon.

I’m starting off with the Basix boxer brief. Apart from appreciating the wonderful fit of this pair of briefs, I’m also very much smitten with the many texture options. There are only solids and no patterns, but you get 15 colours to chose from, which you can apply to 3 different areas and that opens up a world of possibilities! I felt inspired to do a bit of open air seaside yoga in my underpants, with the gulls singing their plaintive song and the waves crashing upon the sand. Of course it’s by far not just like the real thing, but it does have a rather calming effect. It’s bedtime for me now, so I’ll leave you with the deets as I slowly meander off to dream land. Namaste.

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