David @ Man Cave July/August 2019

“Where to this time with David?” I wondered, as I started my monthly styling effort with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. I decided to give Man Cave another go and it wasn’t too bad. There wasn’t an awful lot at this event that David could squeeze into, but that made this a budget friendly outing. You have until August 11th to visit the current round of Man Cave.

This pair of jeans shorts by Outlier can quite easily be worn shirtless if you use the Aesthetic size and make some shape adjustments. I particularly like the detail on the belt that comes with these shorts. All I needed with this was a pair of Nardcotix Mecatl sandals and I was ready to hang out by the waterfront to enjoy a cooling sea breeze.

If you’re more of a city slikker and prefer to be wearing layers, then maybe this Letterman jacket by Kalback is your thing. Even the single colour version has a lot of options for the sleeves, cuffs, t-shirt and patch. I’m wearing this jacket with the NX-Nardcotix Finlay cargos and Deadwool Chase sneakers.

Etham often has something that works with David. If you grab their Eden jacket at Man Cave, don’t be surprised at how far is flairs out in the back. In many cases when I’m wearing something from Etham, I end up flattening my ass and that makes it look a lot better. I often stop myself from buying fat packs, because when am I ever going to wear all those colours? In this case the fat pack was dirt cheap at Man Cave and it sure is fun to combine different colours for the jacket, scarf and shirt. The cargos and shoes are the same as in the previous shot, albeit with different texture choices.

This is where I wrap things up for this particular shopping trip and leave you with the rest of the credits.

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