What’s Eating TMP 16 (Legacy)

In the previous episode of What’s Eating TMP, I combined the new(ish) TMP Legacy body with the Catwa Victor head, using a Stray Dog skin on the head and the body’s original skin. TMP’s solution to fade the body’s skin into the neck left something to be desired. I’m used to neck seams being visible on the back but this one didn’t look right on the throat either. Meanwhile Stray Dog has had a chance to create a first version of an applier for this body and it’s certainly worth a look

In these shots I haven’t done any photoshopping, but a rather bright wind light washes out most of the neck seam. In many other day-to-day windlights it will be a lot more visible on the back. The result on the throat however is much better with the Stray Dog skin when compared to the original TMP skin and looks o.k. in most windlights. Oh neck seam, neck seam! Wherefore art thou neck seam?

Of course if we stop focusing on the neck seam, we can start paying attention to the rest of the body, which looks rather smashing in this skin. We can also rejoice in the fact that Thirst started supporting the Legacy body with some of their latest creations, like the Jersey Brief from the July Jockd set. The briefs come with a bunch of texture options you can apply on different areas to make your own favourite combination. Naturally they are also rigged for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake as well as the Legacy body. Good underwear is hard to come by for newer bodies and I’m happy Thirst picked this one up so quickly.

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