L’Homme Magazine Group Gifts August 2019

L’Homme Magazine is celebrating its 5th birthday and apart from being a skillfully created digital “glossy” magazine full of high-end virtual fashion and interior design, it is also a good source for some nice group gifts, especially as there is no group joining fee. I’ve put a few of the gifts together to create a look.

Gifts: Stray Dog ‘Lewis’ applier for Catwa mesh heads in skin tone #4, Mister Razzor ‘Bill’ facial hair, Midna ‘Fel’ necklace, Noir ‘Chuck’ bracelets and Kalback Casual Shorts ‘M3’. I’m not sure, but I think the Kallback gift is a leftover from the previous magazine, so it’s possible you’ll find something else when you go looking for it.
You’ll find a list of gift contributors on page 29 in L’Homme magazine. Landmarks can be found throughout the magazine by clicking on the logos of the various creators.

Items shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Victor head, ‘Narcotic’ hairstyle by Stealthic, ‘Solstice’ eyes by Avi Glam, mesh ears by L’etrê and Noche nipples. Shape is my own.

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