Hair Fair 2019

The yearly Hair Fair event just opened. The male symbols floating over various booths made it easy to quickly run through the event and check out all the hairstyles for male avatars.

I snatched up this ‘Daniel’ hairstyle by theMARS, a brand I wasn’t aware of yet. It’s playful, yet smart and can be worn with the side parting to the left or right. Isn’t it interesting how one of those two options will look wrong on some heads. I don’t know why and it most probably is just personal preference, but I have this immediate “nope!” feeling when I flip it over to the other side. Anywhoooo, nice to have the option.

Shown on the Akeruka Clay head with Stray Dog Jonatas skin, Real Brows by Identity and Luigi facial hair by Mister Razzor. Wearing the Heart Suit by Deadwool.

Don’t dilly dally and head over to the Hair Fair now, cause it ends on September 1st and I think the hairstyles on show here are exclusive for this event. Important to know is that a percentage of the proceeds goes to a “wigs for kids” charity.

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