Quench Your Thirst 15

For those of your with an insatiable thirst for a constant supply of new fancy underwear there’s reason to rejoice. Thirst has recently released their August JOCKED set.

As usual there are two brand new designs in the JOCKED set. With this Lace Trunk, Thirst really is crossing into the arena of what I’d call sexy lingerie. The trunk is rigged for the Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy mesh body and comes with 10-colour hud, so you can be virginal in white, smokey in black, sizzling in red and whatever adjective you wish to be in any of the other seven colours.
The other item in this set is called Infinity Jock and I’m looking forward to blogging that one of these days. Now I’m off to bed though… By myself, to get MUCH needed sleep.

Sweet dreams. TTFN.

Item shown on Belleza Jake with Stray Dog skin.

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