Quench Your Thirst 16

O.K. people, it’s time to rip open another immaculately packaged pair of undies with my teeth and inspect the second item of the August JOCKD set by Thirst.

The Thirst Infinity Jock comes with 10 textures for the crotch (5 solids, 5 patterns) and 5 colours you can apply separately to the strap across your back and the two straps that support your butt cheeks to give them that extra perky look. In short: you can have a bit of fun mixing and matching. The jock is rezzed for the Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy mesh bodies and is sold together with the Lace Trunk as the JOCKD August set for L$600.

Item shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Victor head, Stray Dog ‘Urie’ skin, ‘Obscura’ hairstyle by Stealthic, ‘Bristle beard by Birth, mesh ears by L’etrê and Noche nipples. There’s a stranger in my bed, and it’s not even Friday yet! He’s also using the Belleza body, with the Lelutka ‘Andrea’ head, skin by Clef De Peau (bought at Lelutka) and ‘Narcotic’ hair by Stealthic. He’s nicked my Lace Trunk! Cheeky!

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