Sprucing up an alt

Remember the stranger in my bed from a couple of my recent blog posts? In truth, he’s not a stranger but an alt I created to occasionally add interest to a photo shoot. I find working with an alt easier than ordering other people around or worse still, having to listen to their suggestions. Who wants their hobby to be just like their real job? Anyway, my alt has been te same for a very long time, but today I thought I’d spruce him up a bit.

He’s a member of the Akeruka group and when Akeruka offered their Deluxe Head ‘Clay’ as a group gift a while ago, I made sure to get him one. With this alt I’m using the Belleza Jake body and the Akeruka head includes an applier for this body, so I could have left it at that with no extra cost and he would be looking pretty good. However, Stray Dog has a nice applier for the Akeruka Deluxe heads which works particularly well for Clay. The skin is named Jonatas and the Stray Dog applier for Belleza has freckles, body hair and tan line options, something that’s lacking from the Akeruka appliers. The playful “Bailey” hair by Modulus, Solstice eyes by Avi Glam and a beard applier by Volkstone finish the look. Keep in mind that if you want to add something to the head like the beard, you will need to get the Omega System Kit for this head.

Meanwhile Gallant have published their summer 2019 issue and there are some new gifts for the members of this magazine’s group. This harness is the current gift from Noche and the briefs are from the previous issue of the magazine but still available now. All in all this was a pretty cost-effective spruce-up.

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