Sprucing Up an Alt 2 (with some freebies)

Previously I turned my alt from slender redhead to a beefier dark man of very little mystery. Today I turned him blond and found him some freebies.

You’ll find these shorts with a shirt tied round your waist, these boots and many more items for free at Kauna. I already posted about this brand before, when they were about to close their store and were giving everything away. I thought that was the last of it, but it turns out that they still have a tiny store space with some vendors where you can get the whole collections neatly packaged and totally free. All it will cost you is a bit of unpacking and rearranging if you like to keep your inventory clean. No sizes for Belleza are included, but I’m managing well with the standard size for the shorts and TMP size for the boots.

Enjoy the Kauna treasure trove!

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