For a little less

If you want top notch in SL, you’ll often have to cough up the dough, especially if you want the most current version. Sometimes, however, you may find something that is older but still serviceable and at a much loser cost. A good example are the Akeruka New Gen heads for L$799, including an animation hud.

This is the Akeruka Aron head with the Stray Dog Jonatas skin. This skin was made for the Akeruka Deluxe heads, but the alignment with the New Gen Aron head isn’t too bad either. I combined the head with the Signature Gianni body and noticed a slight bulging at the neck seam and in some windlights there is a noticeable colour difference, but at this price I think people are willing to make some compromises. The look is finished with a nice hairdo like Bailey by Modulus, an omega Birth Trimmed Beard applier by (you will need an omega relay for Akeruka heads to be able to apply this beard) and Avi Glam eyes.

Speaking of bargains, the fatpack for the Noche Taylor Jockstrap I’m wearing is L$999. It contains 4 bulge sizes (including size 0), is rezzed for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake and has a hud with 24 colours which can be combined. Not a bad price for such an extensive fatpack.

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