For A Little Less – Episode 2

Here’s another example of a perfectly serviceable mesh head from a previous generation that’s now available at the friendly price of L$799.

This is the Akeruka Mike Bento Head 2.6. Of course the quality of the Akeruka mesh heads has come on with leaps and bounds upon the launch of their Deluxe range and you can even finds some very good skins for them these days. However, at L$799 the older heads are pretty good value for money. I have to admit that I had trouble finding a current skin that works with this head, so I’m sticking with the original Mike skin. Luckily body skin appliers are included and the Omega applier looks acceptable on the Belleza Jake mesh body I’m using here. The nipples are a bit misaligned, but with the combination of this head and body, I’m seeing less of the bulging effect I noticed with the Akeruka Aron head on the Signature Gianni body.

Upon further inspection the rest of the Akeruka skin appears to look pretty fine on the Belleza body and it’s a bonus that you don’t need to fork out any extra money for a different skin if you like this one.

Now for some clothing. The bomber jacket in this outfit can be coloured however you like and part of the entire Kauna range you can now pick up for free at their small store. The Zion leggings by Matova go well with this jacket and you hardly ever can go wrong with the Vale Koer Retro Dunks, cause with the fatpack you can colour them in so many ways, helping you to really coordinate the hell out of your outfit.

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