Thirst @ Mancave September 2019

We all know… Or most of us know Thirst from their ever growing range of men’s underwear in all it’s glorious sexiness. Okay, I AM sponsored by them, and by that I mean I have access to their newest products so I can blog about them without actually paying for them, but I have also been growing more fond of the brand as time has gone by and find it very easy to write positively about it… So the underwear IS glorious, but now Thirst has created a pair of jeans that’s not too shabby either.

Thirst did a nice job with the Basix Jeans, which they’ll be launching at Mancave on September 17th (event usually runs till 11th of next month). The belt loops and folds in the fabric are nicely worked out and those of you that are a fan of the bubble butt, won’t be disappointed with how your ass looks in these jeans. They’re rigged for Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy mesh bodies and can be bought as separates or a fatpack.

Obviously the Thirst Crop Tee goes well with any pair of jeans and the Versov Nardove sneakers fatpack will most probably have exactly the colour options you were looking for… Or not? How am I supposed to know what you’re after?

If you want to know more about the head, body and skin I’m using, check out the For A Little Less – Episode 2 blog post (bare butt included). Missed Mancave? Check out the Thirst main store.

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