For a Little Less – Episode 3

Every now and again I like to remind myself that I’m in a shitload of groups by running through the list and visiting various stores to see if they have a group gift I haven’t picked up yet. This inspired another episode of “For a Little Less”.

  • At Gabriel you’ll find a Jacket with a tank top among their group gifts and there is no fee for joining this group.
  • The ripped “Dirk” jeans by Legal Insanity I am wearing with this jacket are not a free item, nor is Legal Insanity a budget store. You can however join their group for L$ 300 (that’s a bit much for a joining fee) and get 15% off on all your purchases, so if you go on a shopping spree at this store, it’s worth considering.
  • The Chase sneakers by Deadwool aren’t particularly low cost either, but if you join their group (L$ 10 joining fee), you can start collecting store credit. Make sure to wear the group tag every time you buy at the store, so you get 5% store credit on every purchase.
  • For this look I used the Keiji Bento Head NEW GEN Vers. 2.6 + Animation HUD. Upon the launch of the new Akeruka Deluxe mesh heads, this older generation of mesh heads was discounted to just L$ 799 and for those of you that are trying to limit their spending in SL, that’s a steal.
  • You will struggle to find an alternative skin that works with this head. Everything I tried just looked too weird to me, so I stuck with the head’s original skin.
  • Appliers are included for the Slink and old TMP mesh body as well as a generic Omega body applier.
  • For the harness and briefs you can head back to Gabriel. There’s a little stash there of past gifts for the L’Homme Magazine group (joining is free).
  • The body I used is the Signature Gianni mesh body, the hair is Hysteria by Stealthic and the eyes are the Solstice mesh eyes by Avi Glam.
  • This look can be created for L$ 4949.

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