Quench Your Thirst 17

Stress levels at work are reaching dizzying heights as my partly self-imposed deadline is coming very near and the possibility of making it is unsure. I’m ever hopeful and stubborn as hell, but I sure could do with a bit of underwear therapy. Luckily Thirst has just the thing with their September JOCKD set.

One of the two items in this month’s JOCKD set is the very snug Long Trunk. You can wear this as underwear, but it doesn’t look that different from cycling shorts. Throw on a tank top and it’s basically sportswear. I however, don’t have the energy to think outside my skybox at the moment.

The other item in this JOCKD set is a very sexy bikini brief with a clasp on the side which I think I’ll be using for a fairy look one of these days. Both items are rigged for the Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy mesh bodies.


  • Thirst Long Trunk, part of September JOCKD set.
  • Me: TMP Legacy mesh body, Catwa ‘Victor’ mesh head, Stray Dog ‘Jayden’ applier for Catwa heads and body applier for the Legacy body, Noche nipples, Modulus ‘Elliot’ hair, L’etrê basic mesh ears and Avi Glam ‘Solstice’ eyes.
  • Blond guy: Belleza Jake mesh body, Akeruka Clay mesh head, Stray Dog ‘Jonatas’ applier for Akeruka Deluxe mesh heads and body applier for the Belleza body, Identity ‘Real Eyebrows’, Volkstone beard applier, Stealthic ‘Reach’ hair and hair base.
  • Eli Bailey ‘Smith’ wardrobe

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