The Dark Style Fair

For those that like to indulge in seasonal darkness, Flair for Events has just the event for you with The Dark Style Fair. It’s one of those cases where both the products on offer and the sim design are perfectly enjoyable. Of course there is a lot more for female avatars then for little old futtocking cod-dangle sporting me, but I didn’t experience my visit as a complete waste of precious SL time.

Gild has their Crotch Trousers, X-Tshirt and Hooded Snood at this event. I think the trousers (which include the boots) are from their existing range and the X-Tshirt and snood are new.

Some of the participants are offering discounted items like for example a bird skull necklace by Rebellion. There is also a mini hunt (look for the pumpkins on a gift box) in which I found skull and horn and cross earrings (wearing one of each). There are some decor items in this fair (and the mini hunt) as well, so all in all there’s something for everyone. Well isn’t that just the nicest cliché and a clear sign I need to wrap things up.


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