Body Hair on Belleza

A friend of mine called out for help on Skype: “I cannot get body hair on the Belleza. I HAVE read the instructions. There is something I’m missing. HELP!” I have to be honest and say that often I really don’t feel like being helpful. It comes down to having too much of this kind of thing to deal with in my day job. Yet, I was mildly intrigued and of course there’s that massive ego-stroking experience of being able to figure something out someone else has been struggling with. On top of that the Modulus Body Hair Set 1 is only $L200 and tintable versions are included.

2022 UPDATE: This body hair set is no longer available. These days you’re better of using a BOM layer anyway. Take a look at Nexus for some great body hair options.

The first thing that’s important to know, is that you will need to get the Omega Applier System for the Belleza body, which you can pick up for $L199 at their store. You unpack it, add The Omega System Installer to your outfit, click it and remove it. Your Belleza body is now ready to receive Omega appliers.

Next you can unpack and wear the hair you want to use. The package includes light and heavy hair in both black and tintable versions. When I first tried to apply it, only one leg got covered and I had nothing on the pelvic area. That gives a new meaning to male pattern baldness. I quite SL for a bit to have my dinner and when I came back on, I had more success. I used the icons of the applier that look like a shirt and trousers.

It is quite normal at this stage for the hair to appear as a solid white or coloured layer on your body. To fix this you need to go into the Belleza body hud and take a look at the Layers tab. You will notice the body hair has been applied to the clothing layers. You could of course have used the underwear or tattoo layers, depending on which layers you were already using for something else. To the left of the brush icons you will either see a blender or mask icon. Toggle this to make the body hair visible. You can then tint the hair by clicking on the colour sample next to the brush and picking a colour in the lower half of the hud. You can fine tune the colour with the up and down arrows for the RGB values.

The result is quite subtle, even if you go for the heavy version. Personally I think it’s just enough to want to stroke it but not to the point where I’ll start singing to myself “monkey monkey monkey man” (that’s a reference to a John Mulaney show, check him out some time). I definitely like the tintable option so my rug matches the drapes. And on that interior decoration reference, I’ll leave you with the rest of the details.

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