The NX-Nardcotix Size

This time I took a closer look on the NX-Nardcotix website at the list of brands that develop items for the David mesh body. The list isn’t long and not all of the stores have something I want, but I think there’s enough to curate my own collection of favourites from what’s available.

The Warmy Sweater by American Bazaar isn’t particularly rich in detail, but I’ve seen worse and at least I’m not faffing with a size that wasn’t made for this body. American Bazaar do have an inworld store, but this appears to have female items only. The sweater goes great with the NX-Nardcotix Finlay Cargos.

It would be a shame to not show off the physique of this body on a regular basis, so I’m always happy to find another pair of sweatpants I can wear without a shirt and without clipping issues. It looks like Represent only has these Washed Combat Joggers in David’s size, but better one pair of sweatpants on the ass than two in the bush… Who knows how those got there. The couch is by N4RS, but I did re-retexture the throw pillows myself.

Clef De Peau is a modest treasure trove for David. You do need to demo every item, because not all what’s in their range includes the NX-Nardcotix size. For a season-appropriate outfit I picked up their Bomber Coat. You can wear this with or without the t-shirt and the jeans I’m wearing with it are by Deadwool. These don’t come in the Nardcotix size, but the TMP size works with belly size set on 10. The jogger pants in the bellow image are also from the Clef De Peau range.

If you’re looking for a skin, then you could do much worse than getting the Omega body applier from Birth. This skin works rather well on David and they’ve just released a new skin for Catwa mesh heads. It’s called Zack and I’m using it on the Catwa Stanley mesh head. One of the things I like about Birth skins, is that tintable hair bases and beard options are included with the skin. In this case the stubble hides the chin dimple a little, but I do prefer a bit of facial hair most of the time. The Zack skin is currently at the ManCave event till November 11th.

There is more in that developers list, but I’m going to call it a day for now.

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