Dabbling with Geralt – Episode XIV

It’s been a while since I last dabbled with the Signature Geralt mesh body and even longer ago since the last time I combined it with the Geralt mesh head. Poor Geralt still doesn’t have a ton of skin options, compared with what’s on offer for some other mesh heads. I had to step out off the comfortable bubble of my own preferences and choose something which technically works with this mesh head and body.

VYC is what I would call a niche skin creator. Their skins tend to be more lined in the face with quasi dramatic shadows. The Omega applier for their Shane skin applies nicely to the Signature Geralt face and nothing looks particularly out of place, so that’s a big plus. Another plus is that VYC is quite generous. For L$1250 I got a combo pack with a Belleza, Nardcotix, Signature and Omega body applier and the Omega applier for mesh heads, all in 5 skin tones.

For a short time, Thirst supported the Geralt body and this left him with a small but nice underwear collection from that period. The Boyfriend Boxer is from the February 2019 JOCKD set and a very nice classic item to have in your collection.

Of course Geralt doesn’t enjoy the same kind of designer support as his big brother Gianni, but the situation is far from desperate. There are several high-end creators that do include a Geralt size in their new creations. I had a look around at Man Cave, Men Only Monthly and The Men’s Department (all monthly menswear events, as you know) and saw several good options for Geralt. Eventually I settled on an outfit by Wazzer Works which you partly can get at TMD (round ends on October 31st) and their Marketplace Store. Always check if the item actually supports Geralt. When in doubt, demo! I’m wearing their Rogue Jacket, with Rolled Henley underneath and Range Cargos. The Regiment Boots by Rebellion are a good match with this outfit and just happen to come in a Geralt size.

If you have a good look around, I’m sure you’ll find plenty more for Geralt. Real life is beckoning me like that awful child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the moment and just like the rather foolish kids in that movie, I shall obey its call.

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