Castor Cottage – Episode 4

Quite some time ago now -or so it seems- I was renting the spacious Chilmark House by Brook Hill Living exquisitely located on a lovely sim. I named my home Castor Cottage and spent a lot time decorating it in an eclectic but mostly classic style befitting a country home. In this fourth episode of the series about Castor Cottage I’ll shed a light on the living room.

It’s a very spacious living room, accommodating various areas for entertaining, relaxing or even, god forbid, working. There are some things to keep in mind as you look at the images. None of the artwork I’ve used can be purchased in SL. I prefer to upload images from (un)known artists for my own personal use. The same goes for wallpaper. I also tend to change textures on furniture every now and again. Don’t expect me to name every single nick-nack as I’d be having a nervous breakdown by the end of this post. Right, now let’s jump to it!

First I’ll focus on the main seating area. Two spacious Troubadour sofas by Loft & Aria offer seats for up to six people to have a lively conversation, kept warm by the roaring Hampton fireplace by N4RS (altered). The coffee table is also from the Troubadour series at Loft & Aria. Stay at that store if you want to find the orchids on the coffee table and the round metal vase with flowers on the classic console behind the sofa. If you fancy that console, then you need to head over to Fancy Decor. At Apple Fall you can find the stack of books with the pair of specs and the art frame with built-in light that you see on the fireplace. This is one of those examples were I replaced the artwork that came with the frame with a classic painting.

This is a more intimate corner of the living room and one of those little scenes that make it seem so nice to grow old with someone (in reality you just want them to stop breathing, but hey).
The chairs and chest are from the Fullwood collection at Apple Fall. Other items by Apple Fall in this scene are the leather moccasins, the art frame (replaced the artwork with a Dali), the crystal floor lamp and the tea set in the cabinet. The cabinet and the tulips you see on the chest are both by Ariskea. I definitely must mention the Fairy Bugs Wall Plates by Lisp Bazaar and the Old Time Radio, which you can purchase at the spooky Everwinter Postapocalyptic Theme Park. I adore the old tunes this radio plays.

The opposite corner houses a respectable library created with the Groves Modular Bookcase by Consigment. It comes with its own set of book inserts, but I remember snatching some books from another bookcase as well as some separate ones to fill all the shelves.
The Apple Fall Country Table and Bea Reading Chairs give me a space to handle more delicate books or a have an intelligent discussion with me, myself and I. The painting is The Violinist by Finnish artist Pekka Halonen set in a frame from an old Apple Fall gacha set which I wasn’t able to locate at their store. Very frustrating! I’ll just move on to the lovely Demi Lune table by Thistle underneath it, with a flower arrangement in a French horn (a gacha) by Dust Bunny and a fruit bowl by Loft & Aria… But why can’t I find the gacha sets at Apple Fall! *grumble*

This is were I really say “NO, I will not mention all the items in the cabinets, go find your own!” Apple Fall, Fancy Decor and Lucas Lameth are a few stores that come to mind to help you with that. I will tell you that this is the Apple Fall Mercantile bookshelf. The Secretary Desk by LAQ Decor comes complete with all the bits and pieces on it. Possibly a classic typewriter would have looked better on it, but this is 2019 so the MacBook V by Kunst is a more realistic option.

The awkward bit of wall between the two entrances to the living room is perfectly suitable for something like the Beverly sideboard by Schultz Bros. On it we see a box of peonies by Ariskea, the Potted Bromeliad and Wanderlust Book Planter (gacha) both by Dust Bunny and a potted Hyacinth by Lode Decor and I have no idea where they are hiding, so there’s no landmark. The frame is from the Apple Fall Verdant oil painting, but the artwork has been replaced with something by Kent Neffendorf.

Now we’re down to the last corner of the living room. Here I found a home for the lovely Amelie bookcase with decor by What Next with an ivy plante by Roiro. I used another Demi Lune table by Thistle here. On it you see the Woodland Dreams Head Planter by Dust Bunny and Ceramic Chubby Squirrel by Apple Fall. The frame is by Apple Fall as well, but the artwork is by Stefano Campitelli.

This concludes today’s tour. Sooner or later I’ll be taking you upstairs, wink wink, nudge nudge.

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  1. I love the wallpaper. Can you leave me a link, so I can download it myself? You can send me an IM on the official forum or inworld. ❤


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