Pretty In Pink 2

Did you know that pink doesn’t exist? From a scientific point of view we shouldn’t be able to see pink and apparently it’s a fictional colour. So basically when you find yourself seeing pink elephants, you shouldn’t just worry about the elephants but the fact that they are pink should be considered highly alarming. Oy vey! I feel an existential crisis coming on. It has something to do with the cones in our eyes, yada yada yada, lengthy scientific explanation etc. I’m sure I heard Stephen Fry talk about it on QI, or was Sandi Toksvig. I also picked up somewhere that we should be calling it minus green.

Luckily I have no problem actually seeing the colour previously known as pink. There has been some research into the effect of exposure to pink on human behaviour and apparently it makes you less aggressive. This lead to the idea for some sports clubs to give the dressing room for the visiting team a fresh coat of pink paint to make the competing team mellow. Nowadays there’s a rule that both the dressing room for the home and away team must be painted in the same colour.

One of the two items in November’s JOCKD set by Thirst is the incredibly sexy Varsity Shorts, which are rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody. The shorts go very well with the Thirst Crop Top Jersey, which you can wear with Belleza Jake or Signature Gianni (so basically this complete outfit would only work with Jake). The fatpack of the Kurtov sneakers by Versov has served me particularly well, as it has so many colours you can make these sneakers go with most outfits.

The guy in the background is wearing the Noche Singlet and the Kurtov Low sneakers by Versov. Cheeky tease!

I recently treated myself to the Lelutka Guy head and already tried it with the Birth Maverick skin. This time around I picked up the other applier Birth has created for this head. It’s called Ripley and it’s another drop dead gorgeous creation. You can play with the shape to your heart’s content if you don’t want to look like the posters at Birth. If you’re feeling less confident, then you can of course use the shape that comes with the skin as is. A little tip, if you’re going to edit that shape, make sure that as soon as you’ve made your first small change, you hit that SAFE AS button and give it another name. That way you don’t lose the original.


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